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Yellow Oriole Picture
Yellow oriole. Very much a bird of water ways, rainforest and vine thickets. Has been found nesting in all months, prime time is October to may.

Nest of strips of bark is built often over water 3m - 5m high in the lower outer foliage. Feeds on grubs, insects, spiders and various small fruits. It's main call is as though whistling some one to attract attention.

Top End Atlas Project

The Atlas Project in the Top End is organised by a group of local volunteers consisting of a Birds Australia Regional Organiser and a committee of about six experienced birdos. The group is closely associated with the NT Field Naturalists Club with whom joint field trips and seminars are arranged.

The Top End Atlas Committee has two main goals: to support Birds Australia in acquiring reliable Atlas data over the vast expanse of the Top End; to foster an appreciation of Australia's wildlife through bird-watching activities. Our committee is made up of people who are Australia's experts on Top End birds. Their role is to organise functions, acquire data in important areas, to lead field trips and to vet the records of bird sightings submitted by participating Atlassers. In short, we keep the project alive and ensure the scientific integrity of the data.

We encourage NT birdwatchers who visit our website to contact us, register for the project and join in the fun: seminars, social functions, local and remote field trips or simply doing your own birdwatching when you are home or away. See our events section for information on what we have organised in the near future.

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