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Atlas search methods

(1) 2-ha Search

This is our preferred method.

Search a two hectare area for 20 minutes.

We encourage you to survey your selected area once each season for at least one year.

(2) Area Search

The Area Search is more flexible than the 2-ha Search; you can search any area, listing the birds seen around a central point.

You may do a small Area Search, within 500 m, or a large Area Search, extending beyond 500 m but within 5 km of a central point.

The search area can be any shape.

Search for at least 20 minutes, but not more than one week.

(3) Incidental Search

Records of rare, uncommon or unusual species, seen as once-off sightings.

Surveys of a specific group of birds, such as wetland birds, waders, or waterfowl.



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