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"Your bird site is very good although I have not explored all of it yet.

"Your mapping project on the web is great. Well done."

"I like your Atlas web site!
There has obviously been a LOT of work put into it."

"An excellent production, especially the maps.
As a novice user of html I was very impressed; also you didn't use gimmicky java applets which many browsers can't handle. "

"It's 0400 hours and the site looks superb even in these wee minutes of the morning!
Well done !!"

"Just had a quick look at the N.T. Atlas 2 Website before I settled down to my evening meal. Well done, looks superb to me. I'll be hooking onto it again later this evening. You've set a standard others surely will have to follow."

"I have seen the future and it's in the NT! A great site people, well done. "

"Congratulations! Top site. "

"We have had a look at your website and are most impressed, particularly with the species maps and information about how to get involved. I'm sure that it will encourage the local birders and visiting birders to fill in the gaps on the map. The Beginners Corner is an excellent idea as it answers all the questions that we get every day from people wanting to get started. Also the section on how to write field notes should make beginners aware of what they should look at and how to get the information down. "

"Well, as a non "birdie" I am most impressed. A great layout, easy to follow, has all the information in an easily accessible format. Congratulations."

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